Making things and general household maintenance.

Photograph of a steam punk weapon / side arm.

My sister is having a steam punk themed wedding, so I’ve made myself this steam punk gun. After the wedding I’ll give it to them mounted in the frame below. I spent a lot longer on making this accessory than I should have, but I’ve never tried making a model like this before. Touring the …

Steam Punk Sidearm Read More »

Bookcase – Finished – I didn’t take a picture of the finished bookcase, so I took a couple today. 2 pictures

Photograph of a compressed air nail gun and eight gallon air storage tank

Have I ever mentioned how much I like my nail gun?

Uh-oh! It looks like we need more bookcases. 2 pictures

Back to the Bookcases – (See what I did there?) Today I got a chance to put the final coat of varnish on the backs of the bookcases. Then this evening I indulged myself with an orgy of nailing with the nail gun. It’s starting to look a lot like my plan. 2 pictures

Bookcases – First Fit – Now these are out of the workshop I have space to stain and varnish the backs. 3 pictures

Building an eight foot long, recessed bookcase for the hall. 4 pictures

Washer Transmission

Washer Repairs (Part II): Gary: 1. However, there is bound to be a re-match later. This is what $250 of washing machine parts looks like. 3 pictures

Washer Repairs (Part I) – Thursday night the washer started smoking. Obviously, that’s not a habit to be encouraged, so I took a quick look and determined that the transmission support bearing had broken up.

Making the bed – When Ginger said “Make the bed.” I’m pretty sure this is what she had in mind. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Making stuff

Making stuff (365:361) – Today I made myself useful by making stuff in the garage. 2 pictures

Washer repair man (365:339) – Turns out the water on the laundry floor wasn’t a backing up drain after all.

Making a spice rack for Ginger (365:217) – Well actually only the back of it. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Gary takes a break from other duties to repair the washing machine (365:206).

Clearing up the workshop (365:138) –

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman using a nail gun to rpair a kitchen drawer.

Repairing a kitchen drawer – Today I repaired a kitchen drawer and in the process learned two valuable safety lessons.

Drilling in the workshop (365: 28) – Today I spent some time in the workshop. 3 pictures

No doubt Getzger is looking for snakes (don’t tell him but we found one in here when we cleared the garage out). Here’s how the work progressed … One-minute read, 4 pictures

Today I made a start on the new shelves for the garage.

Another pile of wood means… The start of Stage III of the Garage Remodel. We have to replace the window and frame too.

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