Dawn by Little Brazil Creek – Day three. It was a spectacular sky and darned cold. There had been a frost overnight, and I had set my tarp up low to the ground to keep the cold hollow winds at bay.

Morning mist on Table Rock Lake – I wasn’t totally surprised to find mist drifting down from Piney Creek when I woke up. I ‘d seen the same thing happen in much colder conditions in January. I checked the water temperature and it was still warm(-ish) so I had a swim. Who could tun down such an opportunity? Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Three. 2 pictures

Watching the Dawn.

Dawn at 30,000 feet – Vacation Day 1. SGF to ORD. Two-minute read

Pre-Dawn at Table Rock Lake. We were up late watching the Perseids meteor shower, which we did by laying in the warm waters of Table Rock Lake. 2 pictures

Still Waters – Waiting for the dawn on Table Rock Lake.

Photograph of two fishermen in a bass boat in silhouette at Sunrise on Table Rock Lake Missouri

Sunrise on Table Rock Lake. We were up early and ventured down to the lakeside to see the sunrise.

Early Start – Kirby enjoying a morning coffee and the sunrise.

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