Thursday evening service (365:202) – I could write a lot, but I don’t have the time. However, it was nice to get back to my regular routine.

EFM Retreat (365:127) – This week’s EFM class was held on a Saturday,so we got out of the classroom and spent the day in a cabin by the river. It was very nice to sit in the screened porch going through the lessons and exercises; a day of good company, conversation, discussions, food, and coffee. One-minute read

I managed around three hour’s sleep, which I guess isn’t too bad. I was up at seven fifteen and helping out with breakfast. Before the end of the lock-in we held a short service in the church, and left for home at ten am. Instead of getting a nap, we went shopping, I spent some …

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at lock-ins (365:113) Read More »

2.25am Youth group lock-in (365:112) – I was foolish enough to volunteer to chaperon at tonight’s Youth Group lock-in. One-minute read

Gary and Loyal at Christ Episcopal Church (365:107)

Beauty and the (out of focus) beast (365:106) – I had a self portrait planned for today. It involved putting the camera on the tripod, gathering the family, and taking a picture with Dash and Leslie. The plan was fine, the execution impossible, I was just too busy taking the wedding pictures to fit it in. I’m lucky I got one at all, as I took two shots and this is the fairly heavily edited best of the pair.

My once a week ‘Studying’ picture (365:097) – Thursday keeps on coming around every week.

Self Portrait at Natalie Anne’s Christening (365:072) – This morning I was temporarily a Lutheran. 5 pictures

Pancake supper at Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield Missouri (365:067). 9 pictures

Gary and Ginger at Christ Episcopal Church's Annual Meeting

Gary and Ginger at the Church Annual Meeting (365:044) – One-minute read, 3 pictures

There was a time when I would have scoffed at the concept of a drive through ATM. But no longer. It’s much warmer, faster, easier and safer than standing on a wet and windy street corner. Today’s picture was going to be of me at the drive through cash machine, but I didn’t like the …

Gary in the parish hall kitchen (365:013) Read More »

Choral evensong by Gary Allman

Choral evensong (365:009) – Somehow I managed to miss my Sunday afternoon nap. Two-minute read

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