Christ Episcopal Church

I have spent a lot of time doing voluntary work for the church. I also spent a fair bit of time there – whether helping out or attending services. Not to mention my EFM (Education for Ministry) classes.

This is what results when one accidentally presses the shutter while struggling to get the camera into position (365:261).

Gary in the van (365:223) – at church after the Thursday evening service.

Thursday evening service (365:202) – I could write a lot, but I don’t have the time. However, it was nice to get back to my regular routine.

EFM Retreat (365:127) – This week’s EFM class was held on a Saturday,so we got out of the classroom and spent the day in a cabin by the river. It was very nice to sit in the screened porch going through the lessons and exercises; a day of good company, conversation, discussions, food, and coffee. One-minute read

I managed around three hour’s sleep, which I guess isn’t too bad. I was up at seven fifteen and helping out with breakfast. Before the end of the lock-in we held a short service in the church, and left for home at ten am. Instead of getting a nap, we went shopping, I spent some …

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at lock-ins (365:113) Read More »

2.25am Youth group lock-in (365:112) – I was foolish enough to volunteer to chaperon at tonight’s Youth Group lock-in. One-minute read

Gary and Loyal at Christ Episcopal Church (365:107)

Beauty and the (out of focus) beast (365:106) – I had a self portrait planned for today. It involved putting the camera on the tripod, gathering the family, and taking a picture with Dash and Leslie. The plan was fine, the execution impossible, I was just too busy taking the wedding pictures to fit it in. I’m lucky I got one at all, as I took two shots and this is the fairly heavily edited best of the pair.

Pancake supper at Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield Missouri (365:067). 9 pictures

Gary and Ginger at Christ Episcopal Church's Annual Meeting

Gary and Ginger at the Church Annual Meeting (365:044) – One-minute read, 3 pictures

There was a time when I would have scoffed at the concept of a drive through ATM. But no longer. It’s much warmer, faster, easier and safer than standing on a wet and windy street corner. Today’s picture was going to be of me at the drive through cash machine, but I didn’t like the …

Gary in the parish hall kitchen (365:013) Read More »

Choral evensong by Gary Allman

Choral evensong (365:009) – Somehow I managed to miss my Sunday afternoon nap. Two-minute read

St. Barnabas Church, Rose Road, Southampton.

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