Ceramic Fish

Photograph of a cartoon style submarine reproduce in ceramic

“In the town where I was born …” – It seems that every year or so I find an excuse to take at least one picture of the ceramic fish and/or submarine my sister bought me way back when.

Ceramic Fish – I must have had these ceramic fish for 12-15 years, they were a gift from my sister. I take a picture of them every now and then. They followed me across the Atlantic. A tiny bit of the UK seaside here in the Ozarks.

Yard Work and Ceramic Fish – We cleared a bunch of yard work today. I borrowed Tom’s pole saw and cleared a load of limbs. Then I fixed the privacy fence on the deck and put up the last of the fish (somehow I’d left one in my desk drawer when I hung up the others). I wonder if my sister remembers giving me these fish, That was a long time ago, possibly over ten years. 2 pictures

The First Sign of Summer – – the flying fish come out of winter retirement. 2 pictures

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