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Our Cats

We have lots of Cats. Originally four, but now alas, only three. You’ll find all of them here.

Photograph of three cats sitting on a desk.

Sometimes it gets a little busy at my desk. It is also difficult to keep one’s desk tidy when there is someone sleeping on the papers most of the time.

Portrait picture of Lanie and Getzger Cat

Testing some new lights with Lanie and Getzger’s help. It’s a shame the depth of field is just too shallow, one of Lanie’s eyes is slightly out of focus. I couldn’t get the pair of them to stay still long enough for a decent picture.

Maine Coon, Blue Kitteh sleeping on the edge of Gary Allman's office desk.

Watching my work companion I’m thinking it might be worth my while switching allegiances to Buddhism. After all, from what I’ve seen, the possibility of being reincarnated as an in-door domestic cat seems to be a pretty good option.

Ever since Tubby was introduced to cat videos on YouTube he has become obsessed with screens and anything vaguely screen shaped. This is not always conducive to my work. He sits on my desk for ages staring at the screen following the mouse pointer.

We’ve created a monster. Tubby now thinks any rectangular object is fair game to stare at. Picture frames for example. He also sits next to our monitors waiting for something to move. Worse he sits right in the middle of the screen while we are watching Movies and shows on Netflix.

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it

Maine Coon cat wearing a red Santa Suite

Which explains why Ginger and Lanie took so long on the school run this afternoon, obviously some shopping was involved somewhere along the way.

Once again I find Lanie asleep on our bed snuggled up with one of the cats. This time it is Getzger…

It seems a certain young lady is rather tired. Obviously it’s hard being a 15 year old.

Blue Kitteh was just reminding me I can’t leave any cupboard, or the filing cabinet open nor any bag or container out.

Mr. Getzger cat looking serious in a black and white picture

A serious looking Getzger Cat

Getzger cat in another unusual pose

I’m not sure if it looks like Getzger is a contortionist or if it looks like he’s in the act of smothering another cat…

Tubby finds a use for Getzger’s ‘Udder’

Part 2 in which Getzger is Blessed, has a falling out with his friend Fara, and meets a bunny.

Part 1 – my favorite pictures from this afternoon’s Blessing of the Animals.

Photograph of Gary Allman and Tubby - a Burmese cat.

I was taking some family portraits and I forgot to include myself, so here I am with Tubby Ginger’s parents, her brother Sam and family came visiting today. I was (albeit reluctantly) persuaded to take some family photos, and once again I’m glad that I did. I’ll post a couple of sneak previews now – …

Gary and Tubby (365:363) Read More »

Sprinky decided to fall asleep on my EfM lesson notes.

Gary, Tubby and Sprinky (365:344) [1 picture]

it’s a popular pastime around here.

Tomorrow at 7.30 am I leave for Chicago for the week

Gary and Sprinky

With Ginger away the cats have been a little uneasy. Tubby’s gone into hiding and Getzger doesn’t show his face much. Blue Kitteh has remained her aloof self, and Sprinky has been keeping her distance – always nearby but not too close. This evening though she’s been pestering me for attention – which generally means …

Gary and Sprinky (365:278) Read More »

I thought I’d try and liven up my daily picture with a cat. Unfortunately Tubby didn’t seem to be that impressed with the idea. Working at the computer all day so not a lot to do photographically, hence the endless stream of ‘wall shots’. Today I used two black foamie things just because I could. …

Gary and Tubby (365:238) Read More »

Photograph of the Maine Coon 'Blue Kitteh' resting in the bathroom basin

I resisted the temptation to turn on the tap.

Carefully framed to remain family friendly, and no, there are no outtakes. Today I’d actually gotten into (well onto) bed before I remembered I’d not taken a picture. So here’s a hurried shot showing the conditions I have to try and sleep in, with the immovable Getzger glued to the bed. The temperatures here have …

My legs and two cats (356:157) Read More »

This week I did my studying on a Friday. That’s because class was moved from Thursday night to Saturday so we could have a mini retreat. I had two (long) chapters to get through today so I set aside most of the day to get it done. I started off working in the lounge, when …

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Today I almost committed the ultimate 365 Days faux pas, because for the first time this year I forgot to take my picture. I was just climbing into bed when I realised. I threw on my dressing gown and headed off to the kitchen table for today’s picture. The day started slowly, with a Sunday …

Living with cats (365:121) Read More »

You would have thought I would have got the hang of this self portrait taking thingy by now. Alas that isn’t the case. I spent the afternoon doing yard work, raking leaves, cutting down last year’s bamboo, I even helped Alek get the leaf blower working and took everyone to Andy’s for a concrete (ice …

Sprinky appears to be giving me the ‘evil eye’ (365:092) Read More »

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