Recycling – It’s been a long time. We bribed one of the kids to do it earlier in the year; at that time, there was a huge amount because it included all the packaging for Ginger’s studio remodel.

This can only mean one thing … After a seven-month break, I’m finally back on the trail with my last hike of 2019. Trip write-up: 11-minute read, 31 pictures

Photograph of Gary Allman sitting in a car waiting to drive home. June 2017.

Finished for the weekend – It’s been a busy two months, and that’s (hopefully) the last of my big events finished until November. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Gear shift lever on a manual transmission vehicle

Bit Of A Cock-up On The Car Rental Front – What’s that stuck in the middle of the console? Vacation Day 2 – Sleep, rent a vehicle, and go buy some essentials for our stay. One-minute read

‘Compact’ Rental – One of the advantages of being a regular rental customer appears to be that one gets a rather large compact vehicle. 2 pictures

Rentals – We get a lot of rentals. One-minute read. 2 pictures

Chrysler Town and Country Minivan packed full of car camping gear

Packing for car camping — we are organized! When we first started car camping we quickly discovered it paid to be a bit organized. Our first ever car camping trip included a diversion to buy a couple of camp chairs because we’d left ours at home in the garage.

Getzger Cat likes to ride in the car. 2 pictures

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