Busiek State Forest and Wildlife area

Trial Run With The Hammock. I’ve been wanting to try hammock camping for quite a while. I’m reluctant to purchase all the necessary gear unless it’s something I’m sure I will be comfortable with — and in. Five-minute read, +1

Gary & Ginger on the Silver Trail at Busiek. 8 pictures

Beginning of the Hike 2 pictures

A warm break in the weather sent us scurrying out to get some miles on the trail, this time we opted for Busiek’s Orange Trail. [18 pictures + Map]

Busiek Silver Trail – A short Hike, and some musings on being unfit 4 pictures

The Road Goes Ever On.

Trees and Sky.

Ginger and Gary on the White Trail at Busiek 12 pictures

Gary and Lanie go hiking on the Yellow trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife area. We took a quick side trip to introduce Lanie to the old panel van 7 pictures

Lanie in the 1930s Dodge “Humpback” Panel Van at Busiek. 2 pictures

Laine wouldn’t get in and pretend to drive – Lanie joined me for a short hike on the Yellow Trail at Busiek. We went off-trail a bit so she could see the old panel van. I wanted Lanie to get in and pretend to drive, but the lack of any sort of solid floor put her off the idea. 2 pictures

Lanie spotted this on the trail, and a fair bit of Googling hasn’t come up with a formal name for this, or an explanation of how it forms. Pretty cool though.

A day hike on the Busiek Orange and White trails. +19

Day Hike at Busiek – The weather this weekend has been wonderful (especially considering it is still February). However, we’ve not had a chance to get away backpacking as we had commitments in town on Saturday. Today we went on a short hike at Busiek. 3 pictures

Another Short Hike on the Silver Trail at Busiek. 17 pictures

Short Hike at Busiek. 14 pictures

This afternoon we made the effort to leave our desks behind and hike what we call the ‘Hill Loop’ of the Busiek Silver Trail – 2.58 miles and 574 ft of Elevation. 4 pictures

Hiking the Silver Trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

Choices: Hiking the Silver Trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area – The Silver trail loops here. 11 pictures

Looking South up the Hill at the Busiek South Access - www.ozarkswalkabout.com

Fall color on the track leading back to the road from the south trailhead at Busiek.

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