Big Piney Trail

New Parking Lot for the Big Piney Trail at Roby Lake. Big surprise, our car is the only one parked here. +1

Hike over, back at the new registration point. There’s a new parking lot, and they’ve moved the trailhead so it is on the parking lot. 18 miles hiked and 1500 ft of elevation climbed.

Black Snake by the Big Piney Trail — It got fed up with the attention it was getting from me and slithered off.

A quarter mile of sticky muddy mess. This is back near the point where the North Loop and South Loop join together.

Another drop-off.

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. Gary takes a picture and then leaves too.

Up on the ridge.

Crossing Point — Little Paddy Creek.

Crossing Little Paddy Creek — I stopped for a brief lunch before making the final crossing.

Well to the left and stock pond right in front. What an overgrown mess. This will be my last time on this trail until the winter. +1

Can’t see the bluff for the trees. The bluff’s some 50-60 ft. high. There might be a decent winter camping spot here too. +2

Tangled mess — view of a small hollow off the Big Piney Trail.

Day Three — Rocky Outcrop by the Big Piney Trail — South Loop.

Camped at sunset.

Camped at the end of Day Two — And I’m facing east, ready for the morning sun.

Ticks and Chiggers and snakes! Oh my! This (and the heat) is why I don’t like summer backpacking. All those places for ticks, chiggers, and snakes to hide! And don’t forget the spiders too…

I had just crossed Paddy Creek Road for the second time today.

Lunch in the shade by Paddy Creek.

Paddy Creek Crossing — Looking down Paddy Creek from the crossing. +1

Gary (and company) at the Paddy Creek scenic overlook. +1

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