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My Favorite Pictures

This is an attempt to pare down the huge number of my favorite photographs to a reasonable number. These are the favorites of my favorites.

Don’t ask me what makes a picture an all-time favorite. I might really like the picture, it might hold a special memory, or who knows…

A group of people walk towards the sunset and sea on the beach at Widemouth, Cornwall, UK. Taken on June 24, 2014

A Stroll on the Beach at Sunset, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall. And what a glorious sunset it was too. [2 pictures]

Dumfries Solstice Sunset. Lanie and Ginger watch the solstice sunset.

This was our view of Truman lake first thing Saturday morning. Wonderful. Ginger got a better picture of this, but I’m quite happy with this image.

Hiking the Silver Trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

Hiking the silver trail at Busiek. The Silver trail loops here. [11 pictures]

Today looked like being the last nice day for a while so we took Lanie out fishing on the James River.

See the rest of the pictures taken today.

This Larchwood path was part of our Comrie hike. I remember as a kid larchwoods being depicted as dark and spooky. They are! This is one image of three that I am thinking of printing as a triptych.

Waiting and Writing. Sitting waiting in the car is one of the few places and times I get a chance to stop and think. [2 pictures]

You can read about today here.

I love my little Fuji Finepix F30 compact, it produces such ‘painterly’ pictures.

A brief visit to the workshop. No sooner did I turn the scroll saw on than the blade broke. Fitting a new blade I discovered the spare blade I had wasn’t the right length … [3 pictures]

Tom took me night fishing on Stockton Lake, and despite a slow start we managed to catch some nice fish. The sunset over the lake was absolutely stunning. Photograph #2.

Photograph of two fishermen in a bass boat in silhouette at Sunrise on Table Rock Lake Missouri

Sunrise on Table Rock Lake. We were up early and ventured down to the lakeside to see the sunrise.

Our resident Cat lady and Tubby, one of our four cats.

Stretch (365:122) – It is about time the blanket box made a re-appearance. [1 picture]

A blurred yellow taxi crosses a junction under 'the loop' on State Street, Chicago

State Street, Chicago. One of my all-time favorite pictures.

Blue Sky reflected in the windows of a blue building framed by a blue sky

I spotted this picture while waiting for a train. I (correctly) judged I’d have just enough time to run over and get the picture before the train arrived.

A panoramic view of a golden sunset showing a silhouette of South Parade Pier, the beach, sea and Isle of Wight. Southsea, UK

Panoramic Sunset – South Parade, Southsea UK. This is five handheld photographs stitched together.

Modesty. My ‘artistic’ notion was to challenge the idea of modesty. Can a naked person be modest? [4 pictures]

Waking Up. In the summer I sleep in the garden. In October I vowed to spend one night a month sleeping out and last night was February’s turn.

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