Yay! Out of the house and no sign of a wall (same basic pose though). Out and about this morning, with a trip to church and WalMart. We spent a fair bit of the afternoon in the backyard where I fed the mosquitoes while we took pictures.

photograph of Gary Allman studying for EFM in the backyard

Studying in the back yard (365:137) – The yard needs to be mowed, we’ll have to get a kid on to it. I had a quiet day studying. It’s my final class for this academic year on Thursday. Lots of reading has been done, just the course notes to read and exercise to get out of the way and I’m finished.

Waking Up (365: 29) – In the summer I sleep in the garden. In October I vowed to spend one night a month sleeping out and last night was February’s turn.

February Sunbathing.

February Sunbathing (365: 28) -After a long walk to the shops and back via the in-laws, it was time to sit in the garden and enjoy the sun. It wasn’t long before I decided it was warm enough to disrobe.

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