Everything backpacking: our gear, trip write-ups, and individual pictures.

Two nights and a superb sunrise on the Bell Mountain Trail – Many years ago I read about hammock camping on Bell Mountain and the beautiful dawn vistas to be had looking out over Shut-in Creek. Ever since I read that article I’ve wanted to camp there and watch the dawn. Trip write-up: 12-minute read. 38 pictures.

Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness – Day Three – 4.7 miles, 492ft of ascent, drizzly weather and some falls. Trip write-up: six-minute read. 15 pictures

Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness – Day Two – Six miles, 750ft of ascent, and some pretty views. Trip write-up: eight-minute read. 28 pictures

Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness – Day One – It was time for me to get out and clock up a few more miles. We first planned to visit Paddy Creek Wilderness in late December 2011, but with high winds in the forecast, we decided to go to Piney Creek instead. Somehow Paddy Creek Wilderness has not featured in our plans since then. It was time to put that right. Trip write-up: 10-minute read. 26 pictures

Back at the Collins Ridge Trailhead – and some notes on the trip. 2 pictures

Lunch stop on the Collins Ridge Trail. I promised myself a lunch stop, and I was going to have one. 2 pictures

On the Collins Ridge Trail. Moments after I took this picture four deer came running past.

Breakfast, pack up, and go.One-minute read. 3 pictures.

Day Three – Morning Light – I tried all sorts of shots to capture the light glistening in the frozen droplets on the branches. I failed.

Sunset at the North Fork River. 2 pictures

Sunset and ripples – Sunset at the North Fork River.

The setting sun bathes the world in pink.

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