Backpacking 08-20-2022

Hercules Glades Wilderness. Pilot Trail, Around a quarter mile east of Lower Pilot Knob. And some end of trip notes. Two-minute read

Day Three – Another lazy selfie, and I pick up some trash. +1

Firebox Nano – Put away ready for the next time – My trusty Firebox Nano wood stove.

Hammock ridge line holster mount — When I first saw the Alien Gear ShapeShift holster system, I thought it would be great for backpacking. When I bought my Sig Sauer P938, I checked the Alien Gear website and was very pleased to see that there was a holster for it. +1

A brilliant sunset and I’m in the wrong place to see it – My cell phone camera was not up to the job of capturing it.

Hammock Camping — August 2022 – Camped by ‘Deep Hollow’ I lent Ginger my summer tarp, leaving me with my winter tarp.

Hammock camping in the woods – Yup, just my chair, my hammock, and a load of trees. (We’ll not mention all the ticks and chiggers).

Looking up ‘Deep Hollow’ – Not a lot of water. The main spring comes out from under the grass middle right of the frame. There was nothing running now though. I was glad to find the small pool that I did.

Looking down ‘Deep Hollow’ – The springs and creek were dry. I found a small pool with a few gallons of clean-looking water in it. The bathing pool was completely dry, which surprised me.

Day Two — Camped back above ‘Deep Hollow’ – preceded by setting up camp on Day One, getting water and an overnight storm. Two-minute read

Hercules Glades scenic overlook – I took a quick detour to check out the view. It was looking a lot greener than when I was last here in April.

Back at the Pole Hollow Trail junction cairn (and few ‘selfies’ taken on the trail). +3

Waiting for our return – some slightly cooler weather has enticed us out for a couple of days. Strangely, there was only one other vehicle parked at the trailhead. Tower Trailhead, Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Backpacking goodies in the gear closet — there must be over 100 mini Snickers bars there. I won’t be taking any on our next trip. It will be too hot, and melted Snickers are very messy. I know, I’ve tried.

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