Backpacking 05-29-2020

Small falls on ‘Twin Falls Creek.’ – According to the GPS these are only 260 yards from the trail. It seems a lot more when you are bushwhacking.

Lunch stop – Once again I made reasonable time on the trail (for me), arriving at my selected lunch spot shortly before two pm. 5 pictures

The brush is growing and views are limited – Ten years ago when we first hiked this trail the views were a lot better.

You’d think… that the trail went left here. Nope. It disappears into the bushes on the right.

Ready to go – I was planning on a nice leisurely lunch break down at ‘Twin Falls Creek’ near where I’d camped on Friday night, so I wanted to be on the trail before midday. 3 pictures

In the woods – It is a nothing picture. You need to be there, listening to the birds, hearing and feeling the breeze, smelling the woodsy smells, and enjoying the warm sunshine on your skin.

Camped at the top of the bluffs – The only problem with camping here is that there is no water. Unless you count Beaver Creek, 200ft (vertically) away. 2 pictures

Sunset from the bluffs

Back at the bluffs

Camped Near ‘Twin Falls Creek’ 2 pictures

Oh look, it’s me at a trailhead. There’s a surprise – Gary at the Pilot Trail trailhead at Hercules Glades. One-minute read

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