Backpacking 04-30-2021

Bliss Spring has to be seen and heard, so I recorded a short video. Video: 2 minutes

Bliss Spring – Panorama

The two springs at Bliss Spring, Irish Wilderness, Missouri.

Bliss Spring – Irish Wilderness

On the trail to Bliss Spring – I’m not sure when I made up my mind to hike the eight miles to Bliss Spring, but I kept moving on. For some reason, I didn’t take any pictures of White’s Creek when I crossed it. I should have, it was wide and fairly deep. There was a big pool too. +6

Gary ready to get moving again – On the White’s Creek Trail, Irish Wilderness.

Lunch Break on White’s Creek Trail – Well, it was more of a snack than lunch. I didn’t want to spend time heating some food, so I made do with a tuna sachet.

White’s Creek Trail (North Loop).

Spur Trail from Camp Five Pond to White’s Creek Trail, and the junction with the trail. +2

Irish Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest – I’ve been planing this trip for a while. One-minute read

Camp Five Pond Notice Board and hitching post. +1

Parking lot at Camp Five Pond, Irish Wilderness, Missouri. +2

Irish Wilderness – I’m running out of wildernesses to visit in Missouri. Irish Wilderness, so named after a group of Irish immigrants who lived in the area. The settlement was destroyed and abandoned during the American Civil War.

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