Backpacking 04-24-2020

Small falls on ‘Cab Creek’ – After 3-4 hours of rain last night ‘Cab Creek’ was running well. 3 pictures

Heading east on the Pilot Trail at Hercules Glades Wilderness – In modern parlance that would be the Tower Trail.

Indian paintbrush – Castilleja, commonly known as Indian paintbrush or prairie-fire. 2 pictures

Pilot (Tower) Trail.

Preparing Breakfast – Day Two. 2 pictures

Gary, happy on the trail – Note the amount of water on the trail in the background. It was yet another wet feet hike. 2 pictures

More wet trails – In places it was ankle deep.

Wilderness Escape (again) – Two nights in Hercules Glades. A severe thunderstorm, wet and muddy trails, wonderful falls, a ghost from the past, some stupid mistakes and overall, a good time. Trip write-up: 12-minute read. +30

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