Backpacking 03-20-2021

A three-day backpacking trip to Piney Creek Wilderness. I hiked the last of my un-hiked official trails in this wilderness, I encountered more cat briars than a man ought to and enjoyed some downtime by the lake.

Gary and the tower at the Pineview Trailhead – Trip over, 14.5 miles hiked, 1,300 ft. climbed, and some downtime by the lake. Just what the Dr. ordered. Now for more of what the Dr. ordered. My COVID-19 vaccination. +1, and three maps

My campsite by Table Rock Lake – It’s a shame my stay was cut short by my COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Camp Table. The stove is on the ground because it is very windy, and the table is sheltering it. +1

My lakeside camp at night – I love this spot.

Clouds – I was hoping for a nice, as in flaming oranges and yellows, sunset. It didn’t happen, but this cloud formation and an otter made up for it. One-minute read

Wind on Table Rock Lake – I feel like I’m home when I get to this view.

Loop complete. The start of the Siloam Spring Trail – This is the Piney Creek end of the Siloam Spring Trail. I’ve come full circle. That’s it, I’ve completed all the official trails at Piney Creek. Now to head off down to the lake and have some quiet time lake watching.

What is it with old truck cabs in the woods? I’ve no idea what sort of truck this was, and there was no sign of the chassis, engine, or drive-train anywhere around. +1

Cat Briar Central – I name this area Cat Briar Central. The cat briars around it were horrendous, and I carry the scars to show for it. +1

Large pool on Piney Creek – I didn’t check how deep, but judging by the color, a few feet.

Piny Creek glinting in the sun – you can get a clear idea of how narrow the hollow gets from this picture. Can’t find the trail? hike down the creek.

The trail is quite clear and easy to follow (In places)

The View from my hammock, Piney Creek Wilderness, Day Two – You are not supposed to camp this close to a water source, but this was the only spot I could find. +2

Looking up Piney Creek – it was a nice view to wake up to.

Camped by Piney Creek – I spent a long time searching for a decent campsite yesterday evening, and the light was rapidly fading when I picked this spot as the best I could find. +2

Piney Creek – the start of Day Two.

Back on the Piney Creek Trail – it’s a 20′-30′ drop to the creek. I was looking for good camping spots. The best are probably at the very start of the Piney Creek Trail. The trail is overgrown and difficult to follow in many places. +1

Woods Trail, Piney Creek Wilderness. +2

The official start of the Woods Trail – Five O’clock, and I still have a fair way to go before I stop for the day.

Piney Creek’s Woods Trail meets the road – It seemed to take forever to get here, but it took just under an hour to hike the 2.6 miles.

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