Devil’s Backbone Wilderness, January 2020

Three days, two nights in the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness checking out new gear and hiking a trail — the McGarr Spring Trail — that I’ve not hiked before.

Back at the Collins Ridge Trailhead – and some notes on the trip. 2 pictures

Lunch stop on the Collins Ridge Trail. I promised myself a lunch stop, and I was going to have one. 2 pictures

On the Collins Ridge Trail. Moments after I took this picture four deer came running past.

Breakfast, pack up, and go.One-minute read. 3 pictures.

Day Three – Morning Light – I tried all sorts of shots to capture the light glistening in the frozen droplets on the branches. I failed.

Sunset at the North Fork River. 2 pictures

Sunset and ripples – Sunset at the North Fork River.

The setting sun bathes the world in pink.

Hiking (bushwhacking) the western end of the Mary Hollow Trail. 7 pictures

Sycamores in Mary Hollow – Having finished lunch, I packed up and hiked the last part of the McGarr Spring Trail back to Mary Hollow. Emerging into Mary Hollow these brightly lit sycamore trees caught my eye.

McGarr Spring – I have been meaning to visit this spring almost every time I’ve hiked in the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness, so I made it the focus of this trip. 4 pictures

Lunch at McGarr Spring. 6 pictures

Stock pond on the McGarr Spring Trail – The water in this pond looked very clear and clean.

The unofficial McGarr Spring Trail is very well marked – It’s a sad comment on the state of things, that the unofficial trails are better maintained and marked than the official ones looked after by the Forest Service. One-minute read

Trailside Fungi. In my current favorite color. 2 pictures

Trail Junctions – Devil’s Backbone Wilderness. 3 pictures

Breakfast, and time to hit the trail. 3 pictures

Day Two – Sunrise near Mary Hollow.

Mary Hollow Trail – I liked the colors and light.

Icicles. 3 pictures

Snow, moss, and leaves – Seen on the Mary Hollow Trail.

Loading up with water at the end of the Devil’s Backbone Trail – Gone are the days when I carry loads of water. The Sawyer Squeeze filter is so quick and easy to use, often I only have the one-and-a-half pints that my water bottle holds, filtering water as I find it. 2 pictures

Lunch on the trail – Ramen Noodles. 3 pictures

Another empty trailhead – Here I am parked up, ready to start a three-day hike around the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness

January 2020, Three Days At Devil’s Backbone Wilderness – I visited old haunts and hiked the last of my un-trod trails in this wilderness. Trip write-up: 17-minute read. 48 pictures

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