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Sparkle Zone color. There’s a reason why we call this room of our house the ‘Sparkle Zone.’ +1

New workbench storage — I have finally updated the storage area above my workbench. There used to be five plastic cat litter boxes on the shelf. I made these five wood boxes in an afternoon, so the finish isn’t furniture level, but they fit the space well and look much better. +2

Hitachi C10FR Table Saw — My next project. It’s a very well-used worksite jobbing saw I’ve had for a few years. I’ve spent time setting it up, so it is accurate enough for my purposes. However, it is time to make some improvements. I’m going to replace the base with a wheeled cart with adjustable height to match my workbench. The saw sprays sawdust around when it is running, so, most importantly, I’ll be adding dust collection. +1

Rumpled — I loved the play of light, how the duvet mimics the shapes of two people lying back-to-back, and the stories implicit in the folds and wrinkles of the duvet and sheet.

Nightstand. Lighter, knife, and wallet — Little quirks that may be missed when I’m no longer around. And yes, I do lay them out like this every night.

At what point does being sensible drop over the edge into being obsessional? Asking for a friend — who likes to squeeze the life out of a toothpaste tube. Sensible or an obsession?

Dusk at Hercules Glades Wilderness and some Shenanigans on the trail — On the Pilot (Tower) Trail at Hercules Glades Wilderness. Definitely time to turn on my headlamp. No more pictures, because — darkness — but my night hike was not without incident, and you’ll have to read the full post to find out what happened. 10-minute read.

Photograph of a Remington Model 31, 12 Gauge shotgun manufactured in August 1931.

Remington Model 31 12 Gauge shotgun – According to the barrel date stamp, it was manufactured in August 1931, so quite early in the production run (as the serial number confirms). Some of the other markings on it suggest it might be of military origin. +2

Kansas City Skyline. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. When I took this picture at 6:40 a.m. I’d already been working for an hour and a half.

Kitchen Table Still Life – I was eating dinner when I noticed the light on these pots that Ginger threw at a pottery class she’s been taking. One-minute read, +1

Sunday cleaning & oiling. Sig Sauer P938 – I’ve been trying to get my hands on a P938 for a long time (over a year). Everywhere I’ve checked they have been out of stock. This is the 9mm version of Katie’s 380 Caliber Sig Sauer P238 handgun. One-minute read, +1

March Hibiscus – we moved our hibiscus plants inside for the winter and they have rewarded us by flowering every now and then.

Bedroom Plants – Same old story, I liked the light.

Fronds and bottles – Testing my new cell phone’s camera in the dark. +3

The soft light on a dull rainy day on these flowers Ginger picked and placed on the kitchen table caught my eye, and prompted a discovery. One-minute read, +1

Waiting for watching – it’s a dull rainy day, and I liked the light.

Day Two Campfire.

Storm clouds over Ozark – checking on the radar, the storm was nine miles away over Ozark.

– Ginger made this luminous plant sculpture several years ago. It’s recently appeared more prominently in the bedroom following a tidy-up

My lakeside camp at night – I love this spot.

Setting up camp at dusk – The sky is so light because the nearly full moon has already risen.

Camp Life – Journaling – Today was one of the few times I’ve actually got round to writing in my journal while I’m out backpacking. 5 pictures

Chapel Cross – St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Missouri.

Ginger recently undertook a project to make a vessel a day for 100 days. Most days a new vessel of some sort would appear on my desk. The vases came with flowers, and the pots came with small plants. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Campfire. Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Two. 3 pictures

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