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Available Light

Cold War Era Gallery of the National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton Ohio. [17 pictures]

WWII Gallery at the National Museum of the US Air Force. [17 pictures]

Early Years Gallery at the National Museum of the US Air Force. [14 pictures]

Morty – Workshop Cat. [2 pictures]

Valance – Three Studies in Light (Pretentious title) [4 pictures]

Color photograph of Gary Allman enjoying the Sunset at Table Rock Missouri (Piney Creek Wilderness).

R&R – Rest and Recuperation. Gary looks out over the Piney Creek Arm of Table Rock Lake. [2 pictures]

Sunset at Piney Creek Wilderness

Sunset at Piney Creek Wilderness. Tonight I cooked and ate my dinner down by the lake so I could watch the sunset. [1 picture]

Austin, Texas at night from the Colorado River

Austin, Texas at night from the Colorado River [1 picture]

Home from Home. It’s been a busy few weeks. [4 pictures]

This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan – When I cleared my office and changed the couch I did not anticipate the increased attention my office would get from the feline members of the family. [5 pictures]

IKEA Tetris – Working on a more adult-friendly house and some furniture shopping [3 pictures]

Evening Prayer at Kanuga. [3 pictures]

Cross by Lake Kanuga. [2 pictures]

Photograph of a Maine Coon Cat

Sleepy Mao. [1 picture]

Altar - Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, Missouri

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, Missouri [8 pictures]

Diaconal Ministry and Community. A small group discussion led by the Venerable Bruce Bower. [2 pictures]

Photograph of Gary Allman and Ginger Allman on their ninth wedding anniversary (2018)

Gary and Ginger — Ninth Wedding Anniversary. Ginger took a ninth wedding anniversary selfie. [1 picture]

This cat configuration is what we call a ‘Tri-Puss’. [1 picture]

Photograph of a sleeping burmese cat

Our poor little tropical Burmese likes to find somewhere warm to sleep, plus I’ve been busy. [1 picture and a few words]

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman (Springfield Missouri) with Sprinky, a Maine Coon cat

Black and white photograph of Gary with Sprinky. [1 picture]

Sleeping Maine Coon cats

My Two Office Fur Balls — They’ve left just enough room for me to sit between them.

Father-Daughter Bonding down at the range. Lanie’s on target with my Beretta and Katie’s Sig P238. [6 pictures]

The Nave of St. John's Episcopal Church, Springfield, MO, bathed in early morning sunlight

Sunlight in the Nave. St. John’s Episcopal Church, Springfield — Today the sunlight was streaming in low through the windows in the nave. [4 pictures]

Late Night Cleaning and Polishing. I first cleaned these brass ornaments, belonging to my mother when I was 4-5 years old. [3 pictures]

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman posing with a Fujifilm X-E3 camera

A deliberate grainy look. Shot in quite dark conditions as I didn’t turn the room light on. I’m having a bit of a nostalgic selfie binge at the moment. I’ll get over it.

Color photograph of a bottle of DeAtramentis Steel Blue fountain pen ink

DeAtramentis Steel Blue

Photograph of a disassembled Sig Sauer P238 handgun.

With 20°F temps outside, today was just the sort of day to do some therapeutic cleaning and oiling of Katie’s Sig Sauer P238. [4 Pictures]

Ten Years On: Happy To Be Here. I’ve just indulged in a couple of ‘retro’ self-portrait sessions. [6 pictures]

FujiFilm X-E3 with a red anodized aluminum shutter button

I splashed out on a new shutter button for the FujiFilm X-E3. [3 pictures]

I’m about to take delivery of a new camera, so I took a few test shots of my desk with my current camera to be able to compare the results. [3 Pictures]

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