At Work

Monster School Bus – I’m guessing (and hoping) that this bus has something to do with the St. Patrick’s Day parade due to take place in Lexington later in the day. 3 pictures

The 125th Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri – This was my first annual convention as Director of Communications with the diocese. One-minute read, 6 pictures

The Diocese of West Missouri Annual Convention 2013 – I spent a couple of days taking portrait pictures at The Diocese of West Missouri’s annual convention. Two-minute read, +9

Gary’s last day working at the University of Southampton – Today was my last day at the University of Southampton. This is what I said to my friends and colleagues… One-minute read, 2 pictures

Picture of Gary Allman getting ready for graduations in 2008.

Officiating at Graduation (365:167). 2 pictures

Saw this while stretching my legs this afternoon, the sun was just going down, tracking up the side of the building. I’m trying to get back into the habit of climbing the stairs of this building twice a day. It’ll do wonders for my legs but nowt for my tummy.

EEE (Yes, that is the official designation of this building…)

Hartley Library, University of Southampton.

Graduation Week 2007 – I was not invited to my son’s graduation. I volunteered to help with Graduation at work. I thought it would distract me from thinking about my son’s graduation. It didn’t.

Smoke, No Mirrors – Reprise – One of the early photographs I took when I bought my first digital camera.

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