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At Home

Pictures taken in the places we’ve called ‘home’ over the years.

Tambourine – Because I can. 2 pictures

Sleeping Maine Coon Cat - Blue Kitty

Sweet Dreams Blue Kitty – Today we said goodbye to Blue Kitty.      Two-minute read, 4 pictures

At my computer. 4 pictures

Meet Arty (Artopus) – Doesn’t everyone have a large, beer swilling, artist-in-residence octopus in their living room? 3 pictures

Sweet Dreams Sprinky – Today we said goodbye to Sprinkles.

Ginger & Sprinky – When you can’t get any work done because your cat likes Bach’s Cello Suites as much as you do… 30 sec. Video

Leaf Me Alone. Sprinkles enjoying the sun in the backyard. 3 pictures

Red aumn (Fall) leaf on a background of yellow leaves

Flying – I love how this leaf looks like it is spreading its wings and is about to fly.

Meanwhile, here are some kitties – Life got busy, and things like processing and posting pictures have had to take a back seat. So, in the meantime here are some cuuute kitties. 3 pictures

Back Yard Hammock Testing. Zzzzzzzz. 2 pictures

Sprinky – Nothing is out of bounds. 2 pictures

Katie’s Occasional Table. Jim’s latest creation, a table for Katie. 2 pictures

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