I have had a life-long fascination with architecture & design. So much so, that some form of architecture based career might have been a good idea. At one point I did contemplate going back to college, but the hard realities of a 4-year course and the impact on my finances dissuaded me.

Well if I can’t design for a living, I can at least enjoy taking pictures of buildings and their architectural features.

Silica, Weston super Mare – A couple more views of Silica, Weston-super-Mare’s giant sperm mouldy carrot statement public art piece. I’m all in favor of public art and unusual, even challenging architecture/art. This doesn’t do it for me. 2 pictures

WTF, Bus Shelter or Mouldy Carrot? – I have no idea. Officially, it’s a bus shelter and is called Silica – though comments in the local press have called it a mouldy carrot.

Color photograph of the Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts, Kansas City. The picture shows the blue of the sky reflected in the metal sheathing and is complemented by a stip of yellow-brown grass around the base.

Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts, Kansas City – I popped out of the diocesan office in Kansas City for a meeting and found myself in a pastiche of Sydney, Australia.

Fratton – Portsmouth UK.

Fratton – Portsmouth UK – I cannot resist an architectural shot every now and then, and this was one of those times.

Encased staircase with Floor 4 marking at the Tate Modern, London UK

Floor 4 – Tate Modern.

Two-fifty – Spotted during my wanderings around London.

Stairwell – The Excellent lighting comes from a single roof-light. Very sixties construction, though I think it may have been built a lot later.

Southsea Motor Factors – The colors remind me of India.

Shell (Colour) – Shell service station, Goldsmith Avenue, Portsmouth.

KFC at the Pompey Centre, Portsmouth

Walgreens sign topped by ablue sky with wispy clouds


This picture appeared as the watermark on all the theatre tickets. I’ve no idea if they are still using it.

Blue Sky reflected in the windows of a blue building framed by a blue sky

Blue – I spotted this picture while waiting for a train. I (correctly) judged I’d have just enough time to run over and get the picture before the train arrived.

St. Barnabas Church, Rose Road, Southampton.

Jubilee Church, Somers Road, Portsmouth UK

Across The Tracks – New buildings (offices and housing) opposite Sydenham Terrace.

Stairwell – Oceanographic Institute.

Black and white image Burrell Main Building, Springfield Missouri


Saw this while stretching my legs this afternoon, the sun was just going down, tracking up the side of the building. I’m trying to get back into the habit of climbing the stairs of this building twice a day. It’ll do wonders for my legs but nowt for my tummy.

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