365 Days

365 Days – a project to take a self portrait every day for a year. The rules are simple. I must be visible in the picture, and I must take the picture.

Today we drove down to see Carol & Jim (365:323). After dinner we sat around chatting. 3 pictures

Impending monitor failure (365:322) – Just to match my ever blue screening computer. One-minute read

Not that you can see the ice on the leaves

After Thanksgiving Dinner at church

After Thanksgiving Dinner at church (365:320)

That’s all for today folks (365:319)

Gary and Ginger indulge in the ancient art of kitty aggravating (365:318) – it’s a popular pastime around here.

Gary Fishing , James River, Springfield, Missouri (365:317). 4 pictures

Lanie enjoyed yesterday’s hike so much she wanted to go on another today. So we went on a short hike on the Sac River trail

Just another day Looks like I’m happy though 🙂 This is a re-edit the original looked like this.

Studying (365:313) – I’m now well into year two of my EfM course.

Ten year US Permanent Resident card (365:312) – Now I can stay in the US another ten years.

Once more I stand before the wall

Gary with our Mutha Hubba tent, Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake – I thought I’d get my daily picture out of the way early in the day.

Campfire at Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri (365:308)

Relaxing (365:307)- Tonight we had some rare down time.

I’ve fallen behind with this project Over a month behind (today’s December 4th). My computer decided to go slow making it almost impossible to process pictures. I’ve kept on taking them, I just couldn’t process and upload them. To make matters worse this coincided with a lot of work (which is continuing). I’ve now got …

Working late at the computer (yet again) (365:306) Read More »

Trunk or Treat (365:303) – This evening we went to the Church Hallowed Carnival. 3 pictures

Tubby (365:302) – Look closely at his eyes. Tubby is a Burmese cat of many names: Rotters, Rot-row, Tubster, Tubmeister, Irritant, and Pokey Paws. I suspect he is harboring an ambition to get his paws on an Uzi 9mm and get his revenge on us.

A trim was overdue

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman. October 27, 2011

Left Profile (365:300)

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