365 Days – a project to take a self portrait every day for a year. The rules are simple. I must be visible in the picture, and I must take the picture. This is my second complete 365 days project. A remote shutter control really helps with taking self portraits. When I started my first 365 days in 2007 all I had was a 10 second timer. It’s surprising how fast you can get at getting into a shot!

I’m still spending far too much time at the computer.

Nothing more to say …

Today we drove down to see Carol & Jim (365:323). After dinner we sat around chatting. 3 pictures

Impending monitor failure (365:322) – Just to match my ever blue screening computer. One-minute read

Not that you can see the ice on the leaves

After Thanksgiving Dinner at church

After Thanksgiving Dinner at church (365:320)

That’s all for today folks (365:319)

Gary and Ginger indulge in the ancient art of kitty aggravating (365:318) – it’s a popular pastime around here.

Gary Fishing , James River, Springfield, Missouri (365:317). 4 pictures

Lanie enjoyed yesterday’s hike so much she wanted to go on another today. So we went on a short hike on the Sac River trail

Gary by Piney Creek, Piney Creek Wilderness, Missouri (365:315) – We took the girls with us on a scouting trip down to Piney Creek Wilderness. +7

Just another day Looks like I’m happy though 🙂 This is a re-edit the original looked like this.

Studying (365:313) – I’m now well into year two of my EfM course.

Ten year US Permanent Resident card (365:312) – Now I can stay in the US another ten years.

Once more I stand before the wall

Gary with our Mutha Hubba tent, Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake – I thought I’d get my daily picture out of the way early in the day.

It’s November 5th and this year we left the Guy at home (365:309) – Last year we were also at lake Truman for Guy Fawkes night, and we took the Guy along for company. This year we were expecting to be carrying up loads of kids’ luggage to Kansas City, so we left Guy behind. That’s three years now he’s avoided a fiery demise. 11 pictures

Campfire at Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri (365:308)

Relaxing (365:307)- Tonight we had some rare down time.

I’ve fallen behind with this project Over a month behind (today’s December 4th). My computer decided to go slow making it almost impossible to process pictures. I’ve kept on taking them, I just couldn’t process and upload them. To make matters worse this coincided with a lot of work (which is continuing). I’ve now got …

Working late at the computer (yet again) (365:306) Read More »

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