365 Days – a project to take a self portrait every day for a year. The rules are simple. I must be visible in the picture, and I must take the picture. This is my second complete 365 days project. A remote shutter control really helps with taking self portraits. When I started my first 365 days in 2007 all I had was a 10 second timer. It’s surprising how fast you can get at getting into a shot!

Apple, cheese and crackers (365:345).

Gary, Tubby and Sprinky (365:344) – Half past eleven and I’m still at my desk.

Gary with our blue Christmas tree (365:343) – Are you wondering why the tree has a blue Santa hat? So was I. Lanie decorated the tree, I’m sure she knows.

This was going to be a picture of me and the anti-sparkle shield (365:342) – but I didn’t like that shot.

Day 341 (365:341) – Oh dear another at the desk picture.

Not so good (365:340) – I’m not very well, let’s hope I get better quickly. Last time it took me six months to recover – not a prospect I want to consider.

Washer repair man (365:339) – Turns out the water on the laundry floor wasn’t a backing up drain after all.

Tinted Black and White Photograph of Gary Allman, Springfield, Missouri

This seemed like a good idea at the time (365:338).

Cutting wood with Tom (365:337) – We’re going to have to come back and finish cutting up the log we’re sitting on.

FUTAB with a beer (365:336) – (Feet up and take a break).

Yay! Only thirty days of this project to go! Beard trim and course work today followed by EfM tonight

Last day of Movember (365:334) – Good, I’m getting tired of this messy beard and tash. If I don’t trim it I’ll get mistaken for Father Christmas (Another day spent moving files and installing software).

I have a cold (365:333) – and I’m feeling miserable.

Logging (365:332) – I spent the day in the woods pretending to be a lumberjack. I volunteered to give Loyal a hand today, and a jolly cold day it turned out too. Loyal felled a few trees, they were cut into logs and we dragged them then out of the way with the tractor and chains. This went on until Loyal ran over a small sapling, which got caught up in the tractor, cutting the tractor’s hydraulic hose and damaging the radiator.

An afternoon with Carol and Jim (365:331) – Today we collected Lanie from her Grandparents. Katie came too, the price I had to pay was a white knuckle ride in the co-pilot’s seat while Katie drove us through country roads. 4 pictures

Not content with pointing fingers at people, Ginger is now pointing cheese (in a very meaningful manner) at me A day spent transferring files. Tomorrow we’ll be going to Carol and Jim’s to collect Lanie, who absconded with her grandparents after Thanksgiving.

New corner and new computer (365:329) – Today we went black Friday shopping and moved the office around.

Thanksgiving day with the family (365:328) – We spent the day at Matt and Betsy’s. Ginger’s aunt Susan asked if I’d take some family pictures – I’m glad I did. Two-minute read, 3 pictures

Now it’s getting frosty I want to put the van in the garage. Today I took a few minutes away from the computer to park the kayaks up on the garage ceiling.

Day 326 (365:326) – I’m still spending far too much time at the computer.

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