365:2008 Re-visited

I am slowly going through my 2008 365 days series of pictures reassessing and re-posting them. I gave up this project sometime in August 2008, but I have many unpublished pictures, so I have decided to see just how many are missing from the project.

Occupied (365:123) – Another blanket box picture

Stretch (365:122) – It is about time the blanket box made a re-appearance.

I didn’t get to go to Memphis (this year) (365:120) – The girls have gone to Memphis with the choir, and apparently a whole shed load of adults have to chaperone them. It was suggested that maybe next year I should go…

A monochrome photograph of Gary Allman, May 2008

A change of plans (365:091) – It’s Friday night and I was looking forward to the long weekend… Two-minute read, 4 pictures

FUTAB: Eeek! (366:084). The things you’ll think of when you are desperate to do something different for your daily self portrait. 2 pictures

Long Haul (365:15) – We’re in this for the long haul …

Back to Basics (365:14) – It was about time I took another nude.

A lot to consider (365:4)

Evening Rituals (365:3) – There are several certainties in my evenings, and they include sitting at the computer, cleaning my teeth, and talking on the ‘phone with my love. 3 pictures

Colourful Pants (365:2) – Day two and I’m already being silly, but with a group called ‘Sexy Pants’ to post to what is a man supposed to do?

Hi Honey, I’m Back (365:1) – After a month’s holiday from 365 days, I’ve decided to start a second year. 5 pictures

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