365 Days – a project to take a self-portrait every day for a year. The rules are simple. I must be visible in the picture, and I must take the picture. This is my first complete 365 days project. All I had to help me get into the pictures was a 10-second timer. It’s surprising how fast you can get at getting into position!

Just Me (365: 88)

Annual Returns, Accounts, and Invoicing – Oh My! (365: 85) 2 pictures

Bliss (365: 84) – Oh the benefits of a sheltered, south facing, garden when there is a cold wind blowing from the north.

Self Portrait of Gary Allman - March 2007

Thursdays (365: 82) – I recently wrote that I had yet to capture the ‘essence’ of myself. This, I think might be it.

Friday Night Wine & Movie (365: 76 ) – Sin City: Voted our film of the year 2005 and 2006 (Joint winner with Wallace and Grommit).

Safety in Numbers (365:55) 3 pictures

At Ease (365: 51) – I’ve run out of time. I couldn’t choose a picture so I’ll go with the first. That’s a big problem with self portraits. You end up taking a lot. One-minute read, 11 pictures

Too Much… (365:50) – I felt a bit rough when I got up this morning, and heaven knows why, but for some masochistic reason, I pointed a camera at myself

Drinking to(wards) Summer (365: 47).

The Naked Chef (365: 46).

Another Shower shot, only this time I didn’t get wet (365: 43) – I thought one of the ideas behind the 365 days project was to help people get to know themselves.

This poses a problem when you find you don’t like the person you’ve got to know. One-minute read

Waking Up (365: 29) – In the summer I sleep in the garden. In October I vowed to spend one night a month sleeping out and last night was February’s turn.

Portrait by Candlelight (365: 25).

Too Much (365: 18) 2 pictures

Double trouble (365: 13) – My less serious alter ego strikes a blow for more fun in my pictures.

January In The Garden (365: 8) – 14 January and warm enough to sit in the garden. 4 pictures

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