My favorite pictures and posts from 2018.

Fall In The Forest

Fall In The Forest – Hercules Glades. 3 pictures

Fall Carpet

Fall Carpet – On the top of a ridge I came across this vista of leaves.

Self and Sky

Self and Sky. Resting in the wilderness.

Camped on a Hillside

Camped on a Hillside.

Hercules Glades Backpacking in November

Hercules Glades Backpacking, November 2018 – Van problems forced me to select a nearby trail for a late fall break. Another visit to Hercules Glades was on the cards. Trip write-up: 10-minute read, +52

Ginger & Sprinky [Video]

Ginger & Sprinky – When you can’t get any work done because your cat likes Bach’s Cello Suites as much as you do… Video: 30 seconds

Leaf Me Alone

Leaf Me Alone. Sprinkles enjoying the sun in the backyard. 3 pictures


Flying – I love how this leaf looks like it is spreading its wings and is about to fly.

Meanwhile, here are some kitties

Meanwhile, here are some kitties – Life got busy, and things like processing and posting pictures have had to take a back seat. So, in the meantime here are some cuuute kitties. 3 pictures

Fallingwater — Frank Lloyd Wright

Fallingwater — Frank Lloyd Wright. The view on the opposite side of the bridge over Bear Run 2 pictures

Memphis Belle

Memphis Belle. The National Museum of the US Air Force. Dayton, Ohio. 3 pictures

Morty – Workshop Cat

Morty – Workshop Cat. +1

Valance – Three Studies in Light

Valance – Three Studies in Light (Pretentious title). 4 pictures

Sprinky – Nothing is out of bounds

Sprinky – Nothing is out of bounds. 2 pictures

Katie’s Occasional Table

Katie’s Occasional Table. Jim’s latest creation, a table for Katie. 2 pictures

Joy, shunned

Joy, shunned – Once again, photographically, ‘Sappho’ and ‘The Bubble’ stole the show. Five-minute read, 3 pictures

Crystal Bridges’ Art

Crystal Bridges’ Art. I took pictures of some of the pieces when we were here last year. Here are some others that caught my eye this time. 5 pictures

Crystal Bridges’ Architecture

Crystal Bridges Architecture 6 pictures

Bachman-Wilson House — Frank Lloyd Wright

Bachman-Wilson House (Frank Lloyd Wright). 2 pictures

R&R – Rest and Recuperation

R&R – Rest and Recuperation – Gary looks out over the Piney Creek Arm of Table Rock Lake. 2 pictures

Sunset at Piney Creek Wilderness

Sunset at Piney Creek Wilderness. Tonight I cooked and ate my dinner down by the lake so I could watch the sunset.

Another Trip To Hercules Glades

Another Trip To Hercules Glades – Testing my new tarp and underquilt. Trip write-up: Eight-minute read, 40 pictures

Coy Bald Trail Panorama

Coy Bald Trail Panorama – views to the east and south. 2 pictures

Dry Falls – Panorama

Dry Falls – Panorama.

Dry Falls

Dry Falls – We’ve never seen more than a trickle pouring over these falls. They obviously run well when it rains, even if only briefly.