2016 Favorites

Lanie had an ensemble role in this year’s school musical – Big Fish. She had seven costumes and 14 costume changes … Two-minute read. +45

A carpet of full leaves in a painterly view of browns and yellows

A Carpet of Fall Leaves. I really like the full frame version of this image, but I love how this close-in crop brings out what I call a ‘painterly rendering’ from the camera. 2 pictures

Hathersage and Hope from Higgar Tor

Hathersage and Hope from Higgar Tor. +2

SR71 Blackbird. +1

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – The Reception +30

Mike & Diffi’s Steam Punk Wedding + 11

Still Life – the colors were just asking to be captured.

Tourists – the Roman Baths, Bath UK – My favorite picture from our visit.

English Breakfast – Vacation Day 3 – A hearty breakfast. One-minute read

Font and Flag Sometimes while I’m working I spot a picture that I want to take for myself, this is the second of the two pictures I took while documenting the area confirmation service at St. James’ here in Springfield.

Acolyte, First Cross – Confirmations – April 16, St. James’, Springfield

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