2011 Favorites

My favorite pictures and posts from 2011.

Today we drove down to see Carol & Jim (365:323). After dinner we sat around chatting. 3 pictures

Today looked like being the last nice day for a while so we took Lanie out fishing on the James River. 3 pictures

Dead tree, Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri.

Sunset at Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri – Note the cool Crepuscular Rays.

Gary Allman sitting in a plastic garden cair waiting for the trash man to arrive. Color photograph.

Waiting for the trash man (365:292) – The plan was to get the work finished on the house, get the work inspected, have all the rubbish taken away, hire a trailer for the pick-up, load everything to go back to Springfield, and drive home – a day early.

Gary and Sprinky

Gary and Sprinky (365:278) – With Ginger away the cats have been a little uneasy. One-minute read

View to the East across Gruinard Bay.

Larchwood path. 4 pictures

Encased staircase with Floor 4 marking at the Tate Modern, London UK

Floor 4 – Tate Modern.

Waiting and Writing. Sitting waiting in the car is one of the few places and times I get a chance to stop and think. 2 pictures

More fun in the workshop (365:095) – Today we are building a “batch-loaded, inverted downdraft gasifier” wood stove out of old tin cans. Two-minute read, +3

Bluffs on the Meramec River at Meramec State Park, Missouri – I love my little Fuji Finepix F30 compact, it produces such ‘painterly’ pictures.

At the Antique Mall by Gary Allman

At the Antique Mall (365:035) – Today we managed to escape the kids for the first time in three days. Two-minute read, +4

Drilling in the workshop (365: 28) – Today I spent some time in the workshop. 3 pictures

Gary and Ginger at Compton Hollow by Gary Allman

Gary and Ginger at Compton Hollow (365:016) – Today we got off to a slow start. 3 pictures

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