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Breakfast in America has over 1,600 posts (November 2020) and covers a time-span of over sixty years. Even I find browsing around it a bit daunting at times. To make things easier I’ve collected what I think are the key topics of interest into albums, I’ve also tried to standardize how the posts are ‘tagged’ and I’ve added a timeline menu option, where everything is arranged by date. How everything is organized is subject to my continual tinkering. It’s a bit like maintaining the Forth Rail Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge — a never-ending task.

Here are some pointers for looking around.

Looking for Something Specific?

Try the search function. It works surprisingly well and I use it all the time. Just click on the magnifying glass icon. Just to make life easy you can also use the search field below.


  • Use the menu (at the top of each page) to find the things you are looking for. The menu organizes the content into Albums by popular (for me) topics, my favorites — overall and for each year — and by year (Timeline).
  • Click on a picture to see a bigger version and most times there will be additional notes about it.
  • At the bottom of each post, you’ll see three ‘related’ posts that some clever software decided have similar content (do not fear they are links to posts on this site and not clickbait to other sites). Most often it produces spot-on results, and occasionally I look at its selection and exclaim “What?”
  • Below the ‘Related Posts,’ there is a list of the Topics that the post is filed under and a list of the ‘Tags’ the post is tagged with. Clicking on either will bring up a list of all the posts in the same topic, or tagged with the same tag. Provided I’ve been consistent with putting my posts in the right category and tagging them this works very well.

At the very bottom of each page, you’ll find a list of the most recent posts, and a menu you can use to access the posts in any given month.

Pictures/Posts By Month


This is a recent change, so I’m still in the process of going through and updating the hundreds of existing links, but typically you’ll find four different types of link. You can tell what type of link it is by the icon that follows it. None of the following links go anywhere (admit it, you tried one just to check).

Internal — Link to another post on this site

External — to another website of General interest

External — to Wikipedia (or another ‘trusted’) source

External — to my affiliate account on Amazon


I recommend having a browse through the Albums menu or try picking a year from the Timeline and then following through with the tags or related posts if something of interest pops up.

Don’t Miss Out, Sign up to be told when there is a new post

You can sign up to be sent an email whenever I write a new post — which is handy because a lot of posts I write are in the past and so do not show up in the recent post list, which is a list of the most recent posts, chronologically.

Have fun!

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