Orange colored seventies style table lamp on a blue dresser, with hat and shotgun.

Cottage Still Life – This photo started life as a joke picture for the girls, and then it took on a life of its own requiring a second ‘shoot’ just to put right a few of the details.

Photograph of drilling air holes in a titanium backpacking wood burning stove.

Titanium backpacking wood stove modifications – My titanium wood stove needs a bit more air. This afternoon I added some more air holes.

Trees, snow, and sky – We woke Saturday morning to a light dusting of snow which had mostly melted by the evening.

Snow in the yard and on the field – We woke Saturday morning to a light dusting of snow which had mostly melted by the evening.

Small farm cottage in the snow. Missouri US.

Cottage in the snow – For the past couple of months Ginger has been working with her parents on a remodeling project, converting the one room with ensuite ‘Little House’ into a Writers/Get Away Cottage. It now has a living room/kitchenette, bedroom, HVAC and a wraparound deck out back. +1

Kansas City Skyline. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. When I took this picture at 6:40 a.m. I’d already been working for an hour and a half.

Another end-of-trip selfie – Time to drive home and return to “civilization.” It has been a good trip. Four days of lakeside solitude. Two-minute read, +3

It’s always good to see the car where I left it.

Black Eyed Susan and backpack – Before heading up the ‘Farm Track Trail’ and into ‘Shelob’s Lair’ I stopped to fill up with cool creek water and a dunk in Piney Creek. It was cold but very refreshing.

Looking back the way I’ve come, east towards the lake.

Hiking westwards along Piney Creek. Much nicer than trying to cross ‘Cat Briar Meadow.’

Please don’t do this. If you can pack it in, you can pack it out.

Packed up and ready to leave – Day four and it is time to go.

Noodles for lunch – I cooked breakfast on the wood stove. I decided to use the Fancee Feest alcohol stove to heat water for my lunch.

Clear-up after breakfast – I’ve used this stove a lot on this trip, and its final outing was heating water for my breakfast – biscuits and Gravy, and my morning cup of mocha. +2

Day Four – Bluffs and hill by Piney Creek.

Dinner, campfire, a visitor, and dreams. I don’t have a campfire very often nowadays. But it seemed like a good way to celebrate my last evening, and what use is a fire ring if you don’t use it every now and then? +1

Twilight at PIney Creek Wilderness.

Day Three – Enjoying the last of the sun – With the sun already set on the other side of the lake, the foreground really pops in this picture. +1

Visitor – midland water snake. It appeared like a periscope sticking eight inches vertically out of the water, making a point of studying me and tasting the air with its flickering tongue. I must have passed the test because it swam past where I was sitting and proceeded to hide in a hole in the nearby rocks. +1

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