Misty Morning at Piney Creek. It was worth all the heat and bug bites just for the magical few minutes watching the mist evaporate. +2

Mist on Table Rock Lake.

Through the veil – looking across the lake, the mist was lifting.

Day Four – Misty campsite – I’m used to seeing fog and mist on the lake here, but today’s mist was extra thick. So thick that at first I couldn’t see across the lake. +1

Day Three – Feet up, enjoying the Campfire. +1

Late-night visitor – who is this then? +2

View from the lake.

Air dry.

Fun and frolics at the lake – The lake was warm, almost bath temperature. I didn’t bother to count how many times I took a dip. It was a lot. Slideshow: +5

Journaling – I did a lot of thinking and scribbling. Unfortunately, I came away with a lot more questions than answers. +1

Enjoying the view – between interludes of journaling and swimming. I even completed some camp chores.

Day Three – Morning coffee

Breakfast – Biscuits and gravy and a cup of coffee.

Day Two Campfire.

Day Two – Piney Creek lakeside vistas. I never tire of the play of light on the trees here. +2

It’s good to be back – Camped in Piney Creek Wilderness. I was last here on a day hike with Katie and Lanie back in April. It’s good to be back and I’m planning on staying for three nights in a repeat of my visit over Independence Day Weekend last year. One-minute read, +2

First glimpse of the lake – but not my first encounter. I checked the lake level before I left, and it was five feet above standard pool. When I was here this time last year, I think it was eleven feet above pool. Anyway, the lake was high enough to have covered the trail in places on the way in. One-minute read

Leave no trace – How NOT to camp in the Wilderness. Got your own land? Go for it, cut down trees, and make as much mess as you like. Public land? Leave no trace, Let’s not trash the wilderness. One-minute read, +3

‘Top-up Creek’ – On my trips to the lake at Piney Creek I almost always stop here to get water. So I’ve decided to name this feeder-creek ‘Top-up Creek.’

Feeding the obsession – It’s not really an obsession, more of a passion. I like leather journals. I enjoyed my new Field Notes sized journal so much I decided to buy another one. +2

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