Notes on nudes


Typically the nudes in this blog are photographs where the principal subject is me. If you are easily offended then move on.

I used to live near and enjoyed relaxing on a naturist beach. I have no problem with the naked human body and it mystifies me how some people automatically associate nudity with sex.

And don’t mix up crude with nude. There is a difference.

  • A lot of my pictures are documentary, in which case, if I wasn’t wearing clothes when the pictures were taken I certainly wasn’t going to get dressed just for a picture. This is life, and the reality (in my life) is often there are no clothes. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if you think there is, then we will have to agree to disagree on the topic.
  • Some pictures are making a statement. Taking away clothing removes society’s trappings and is a great leveler. Even if we cannot afford fancy clothes, we all have bodies.
  • I recognize that to some people nudity can imply vulnerability. Sometimes I use it for that purpose. It can also imply strength too, so be careful about imposing your own insecurities on my pictures.
  • I’ll admit that in some of my pictures I’m just pushing accepted boundaries for shock value, or pure bloody-mindedness.
  • Then there’s humor. Some people find the juxtaposition of nakedness in everyday situations amusing.
  • Finally, some find nudity erotic. Unfortunately, there’s very little of an erotic nature with regards to yours truly without clothes, so if you fall into this camp, sadly you are out of luck.

In conclusion, if you don’t like nudity – don’t look, and also don’t complain to me about it. If you are offended that’s going to have to be your problem and not mine.

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