I am slowly going through my 2008 365 days series of pictures reassessing and re-posting them. I gave up this project sometime in August 2008, but I have many unpublished pictures, so I have decided to see just how many are missing from the project.

  • Hi Honey, I’m Back (365:1)

    Hi Honey, I'm Back (365:1)

    After a month’s holiday from 365 days, I’ve decided to start a second year.

    I was going to be nice and tidy and start on the first of the month, but that just didn’t happen.

    But here I am now, feeling ready to document what looks like it could be an interesting year with a lot of potential ups and downs, some intense excitement and lots of boredom while I sort myself out.

    Note: I abandoned my second 365 days project sometime in August. The pressures of finalizing my emigration to the US, leaving work, packing up all my stuff, and maintain a long-distance relationship with Ginger were just too great. But, looking back on my pictures I saw that I probably had a lot more photos than I thought, so I decided to embark on a project to re-process and post as many pictures from the failed project as I could. This is the first picture in the series.

    Other Pictures from February 2

  • Colourful Pants (365:2)

    Colorful Pants (365:2)

    Day two and I’m already being silly, but with a group called ‘Sexy Pants’ to post to what is a man supposed to do?

    Of course this would have been much nicer on a warm sunny day, instead it was effing freezing in my flat, so chilly I had a lot of problems with goose bumps and shrinkage.

    As I only have plain white cotton boxers, a pair of swimming trunks had to suffice as ‘Sexy pants’ and I’m most impressed they still fit as they over twenty years old. This is their second outing on 356days, as I wore them back to front for my picture of the red dress (365:032).

    By the way, in the UK, pants are undergarments.

  • Evening Rituals (365:3)

    There are several certainties in my evenings, and they include sitting at the computer, cleaning my teeth, and talking on the ‘phone with my love.

    Reviewing the original pictures for this re-visit to my 2008 365 days, I was momentarily temped to use one of the two alternative shots I took of me brushing my teeth. One wearing shorts, and one wearing a shirt and shorts. I didn’t use them because I concluded that that was just an attempt at being seen as being ‘correct’, rather than a reflection on the reality of my days.

  • A lot to consider (365:4)

    A lot to consider (365: 4)

    Despite the laughs and smiles,

    life (mainly in the form of bureaucracy) is putting up so many obstacles right now that from time to time one can’t help but get dragged down by them.

  • Back to Basics (365:14)

    Back to Basics (365:14). Copyright © 2008 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    It was about time I took another nude.

  • Long Haul (365:15)

    A Collaborative Effort
    A Collaborative Effort
    We’re in this for the long haul, 
    while red tape binds us
    there are no quick returns
    despite their best efforts
    at keeping us apart
    we are constant companions in our hearts
    separated by earth and sea
    parted by time and sleep
    we work as one towards the days ahead
    precious time we spend together
    reminds us that
    we’re in this for the long haul.

    This picture was a collaboration. I captured it, Ginger came up with the treatment and I Photoshopped it. I have changed Ginger’s title though, ‘Sex sells’ seemed far too presumptuous for me to be comfortable with.

    There appear to be some horrid Photoshop artifacts in this picture I’m still working on eradicating them.

    Note: picture re-edited on July 31, 2015

  • FUTAB: Eeek! (365:084)

    FUTAB: Eeek! (366:084)

    FUTABFeet Up, Take A Break. I think this falls into the category of ‘The things you’ll think of when you are desperate to do something different for your daily self-portrait.’

    FUTAB: Eeek! (take two)
  • A change of plans (365:091)

    A monochrome photograph of Gary Allman, May 2008
    A Change of Plans (365:091). Copyright © 2008 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    It’s Friday night and I was looking forward to the long weekend.

    I had big plans for finally tackling some serious messes I’ve been procrastinating about, then I received the call…My uncle was on his way down from Scotland to visit and had somehow (well, by not telling Elaine he was coming) managed to end up with nowhere to stay.

    Fortunately, my flat has a sofa bed, so I could put him up – but it completely blew my plans for the break. Some quick calls and I conjured up some bedding (why would I need two duvets normally?) and hastily made arrangements to visit family over the next couple of days.

    I got to spend some time talking to Ginger before Keith arrived at around ten-thirty, after which we went to the Goa for a meal.

    In the process of sorting this out, I very nearly forgot my 365 Days picture, luckily I managed a few quick shots just before bed.

  • Accident (366:097)

    Accident (366:097). Waiting for the traffic to clear. Copyright © 2007 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    It took me one and a half hours to get home tonight because of an accident.

    I counted five patrol cars, three unmarked patrol cars, three fire engines and one ambulance in attendance.

    Accident (366:097). Copyright © 2007 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.
  • Curry night – May 2008 (365:111)

    Curry night - May 2008 (365:111)

    Our monthly curry get together.

    We’ve all worked together at some time or other and we’ve been getting together on a monthly basis for longer than I care to recall. I was quite stunned when I realized that I first hired Tina 19 years ago!

    Coincidentally Tina’s husband is American. It’s funny how things turn out.

  • I didn’t get to go to Memphis (this year) (365:120)

    I didn’t get to go to Memphis (this year) (366:120). Copyright © 2008 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    The girls have gone to Memphis with the choir, and apparently a whole shed load of adults have to chaperone them. It was suggested that maybe next year I should go…

    [Apparently I was having a bad-hair day. And indeed I did get to visit Memphis the following year.]

  • Blanket Box (365:121)

    It is about time the blanket box made a re-appearance. You should check out the drawing of this picture by Nathan. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Nathan’s request to make a drawing from this photograph. Whatever I thought, I decided to let him go ahead. I’m glad I did as he did an excellent job. He later told me that it was working on this picture that got him back into drawing, for which I’m very pleased.

    I’ve not (yet) been challenged regarding using myself as a ‘life’ model for my photography, and when you’ve not got a model on hand what else can you do? I’m not a prude and I’m not ashamed. We all have bodies. Given that no one’s ever complained about my rector’s wife’s nude paintings (to my knowledge), It’d be pretty hypocritical for anyone to complain about my photography.

    And some outtakes

  • Stretch (365:122)

    Stretch (365:122). Copyright © 2008 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    It is about time the blanket box1 made a re-appearance, though it is not actually visible in the picture.

    The question is: am I inventive enough to keep the blanket box pictures going for a whole week?

    1‘Blanket box’ is is a reference to a small wooden blanket box, often visible and sometimes, as in this picture, hidden. It was often used as a prop to stand, sit, kneel, and on this occasion, lay on.

  • Occupied (365:123)

    Occupied (365:123)

    Another blanket box picture

  • Graduation Preparations 2008 (365:166)

    Picture of Gary Allman getting ready for graduations in 2008.
    Graduation preparations 2008 (365:166)

    The University is getting ready for this year’s graduation. As I’m on duty for two days I took a bit of time out of the office to walk around and familiarise myself with any changes since last year.

    Picture of Gary Allman getting ready for graduations in 2008.
    Graduation preparations

    I couldn’t resist the opportunity offered by this yellow wall.

  • Officiating at Graduation (365:167)

    Gary Allman Officiating at Graduation

    It can get very hectic and be quite fraught at times, but I enjoy it immensely, especially seeing the ‘end product’ of the University’s work.

    This year’s Graduation is a bit special for me. It’s my last year at the University, and my son graduates; for that, I’ve organized VIP seats, front center.

    To get through the several thousand graduations we do each year. There are two halls in use. Today I’m working on this one. This is a quick picture I took as I did a final check of the hall before letting the graduands, parents, and guests in.


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