Photo Albums

This year

All my most recent pictures from 2024. Click on the picture below to see all of this year’s pictures.


All my pictures organized by the year they were taken in. You can pick a year and browse through. Click on the picture below to go to the Timeline.

My all-time favorite pictures

It started off as my top-ten pictures, then my top-twenty, then thirty. Now there are over eighty pictures in this album. Click on the picture below to see my favorite pictures.

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My favorite pictures for each year

I have far more ‘favorite pictures’ than I’m willing to put into my ‘all-time’ favorites album. Click on a picture below to see all my favorite pictures taken in any given year.

Outdoor Recreation

Click on the … You know what to do.

Gary’s 365 Days Projects


Vacations & Trips



The Ozarks

England & Scotland