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Sweet dreams Getzger. Goodbye Mr. Cat.

Getzger waiting for shower time – Mr. Cat has been giving a very good impression of settling onto the ‘final glide-path’ this past couple of days. It was good to see him show an interest in joining me for a shower.

Tonight Getzger invited a friend to watch dinner 4 pictures

Photograph of Mr. Getzger Cat sitting on the kitchen counter.

Getzger Cat on the Kitchen Counter

Portrait picture of Lanie and Getzger Cat

Testing some new lights with Lanie and Getzger’s help. It’s a shame the depth of field is just too shallow, one of Lanie’s eyes is slightly out of focus. I couldn’t get the pair of them to stay still long enough for a decent picture.

Lanie and Getzger asleep on our bed.

Mr. Getzger cat looking serious in a black and white picture

A serious looking Getzger Cat

Getzger cat in another unusual pose

Mr. Getzger Cat does it again – I’m not sure if it looks like Getzger is a contortionist or if it looks like he’s in the act of smothering another cat…

Tubby finds a use for Getzger’s ‘Udder’ – I’ve said it before. The cats are an endless source of amusement.

I eat toast and marmalade while Mr. Getzger Cat exits frame right. (365:268). 3 pictures

“Oh, Getzger!” That’s a fairly frequent exclamation here.

Getzger Cat finds watching TV tiring – Getzger, keen to be in on the action ousted Blue Kitty from her usual perch, made it his own, and enjoyed the experience in a way only Getzger can.

No doubt Getzger is looking for snakes (don’t tell him but we found one in here when we cleared the garage out). Here’s how the work progressed … One-minute read, 4 pictures

Getzger Cat likes to ride in the car. 2 pictures

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Garage Project: Getting Started With Stage IV – I forgot to take a picture before I started clearing away, so the corner to the right had already been cleared. One-minute read

Sleeping Maine Coon Cat - Blue Kitty

Sweet Dreams Blue Kitty – Today we said goodbye to Blue Kitty. Two-minute read, 4 pictures

The End of an Era. Fujifilm X-E2s and Nikon D7000 – Today I retire my DLSR, and say welcome to my new Fujifilm X-E2s mirrorless camera. Five-minute read

Tubby the Telly Watching Burmese cat sits watching birds on TV

Tubby was very enamored with this bird video a friend posted to Facebook. He also took quite a shine to a video of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church – Bishop Michael Curry. Who knew? Unlike Getzger Tubby has never been to the blessing of the animals.

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