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Welcome to Breakfast in America

My photo journal is an eclectic mix of things; there’s no guiding theme or topic. It is whatever happens to catch my attention, what I’ve been thinking, doing, and whatever my current obsessions are. At the moment, they are clearing some of the backlog on my ‘honey-do’ list, backpacking, hammock camping, and, I’m always, taking pictures.

Recent Pictures/Posts

  • Bathing Pool in ‘Deep Hollow’

    Bathing Pool in ‘Deep Hollow’ — It looks very inviting, but the water was cold! Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.
  • Inaccessible

    Inaccessible. Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    Well, almost inaccessible. Looking downstream from the Bathing Pool in ‘Deep Hollow.’ I timed my arrival just right as the sun was shining through a gap in the trees and lighting up the creek, pool, and falls.

  • Meanwhile, back at basecamp

    Copyright © 2022 Ginger Allman, all rights reserved.

    While I’m off hiking Ginger’s enjoying her spot in the woods.

  • Day 2 – Back at the Pole Hollow cairn

    Back at the Pole Hollow cairn. Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    Here I am, back at the Pole Hollow cairn in Hercules Glades, but this trip is a little bit different.

    The difference is Ginger and I came out yesterday and spent last night camped at Ginger’s new favorite campsite. Today, I left Ginger back at camp and I’m off on a solo one-night trip staying at ‘Deep Hollow.’ I’ll be back tomorrow, meet Ginger at her campsite, and we’ll hike out together. This plan gives Ginger some R&R time in the woods, and I get to hike a few miles.

    It’s hot today and there’s a bathing pool at ‘Deep Hollow’ that I’m looking forward to cooling off in when I get there. But that’s six miles away, so I’d better get on.

  • Ginger’s Glasses

    Ginger’s Glasses. Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    I find them everywhere. I scoop them up from their hiding places and put them somewhere they can be found. She must have 10-20 pairs.

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