Doorstop. Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved

I finally found a use for one of the few small rock samples I have collected over the years. The rock is a memento from a vist to Piney Creek in July 2021.

On the first version of the doorstop, I used a hot glue gun to fix the rock. It held for a few hours before (as I suspected) the sandy surface of the rock caused it to come loose. Reluctantly, I opted to drill the rock so it could be screwed to the base.

This picture is the result of several technology tests. I installed the Samsung Raw Camera software (thus far, I like it) and Lightroom on my phone and used them to take the picture and edit the image (cropping and a few tweaks).  Finally, I’m creating this post on my phone. The only step in the process that hasn’t gone as well as expected is creating this post. The Jetpack post creation software is sadly lacking in the basic functionality required to create a decent post. Oh well, that’s why I’m trying this. I’ll finish it off on my computer.

Apart from the problems creating the post, the results are encouraging. The camera lens foreshortening is fairly significant, which surprised me as I used one of the ‘Telephoto’ options, which ought to have reduced it. (The base and back are made of the same 3/4-inch board, not that you would think that looking at the picture). I’ll need to try moving back and cropping more.

Copyright © 2023 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.