Mar 21, 2021The trail is quite clear and easy to follow (In places)

The route of the top end of the Piney Creek Trail is quite clear (in places). Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

This whole area was cultivated at some point. I found a big concrete spring box at the end of one hollow. Unfortunately, cultivated land means cleared land. The trees are young and small, and cat briars more than abundant. I have named this next section of the trail ‘Cat Briar Central.’ Where the hollow opens out, there are briars, and where it narrows, the creek washes out the trail, so whatever the arrangement of the land, the trail is hard to follow.

It would be very hard to get lost though. Keep following the creek downstream and eventually you will get to the well-traveled portion of the trail (more on that later).


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