Jul 05, 2021Day Four – End of hike selfie

Day Four – End of hike selfie. Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Blimey! The ol’ hairline is receding a lot. Ginger said she noticed a major change to my hairline when I started taking my heart regulating meds.

It was a good relaxing long weekend by the lake. I would have liked it to be quieter. However, you can’t be surprised by major firework displays and loud music playing out on the lake on Independence Day weekend, and I was alright with that.

On the backpacking side, my only error was forgetting to bring a trash bag, ‘whoopee do!’ as they say. I don’t like hiking along the overgrown sections of the trail — we came across a timber rattler on this trail several years ago, so I know the darned things are around.

For the record, it took me three hours to hike out. That included my half-hour stop at Piney Creek for water and a bath, and my very slow tiptoeing through the unseen snakes while crossing ‘Cat Briar Meadows.’

All in all, it was a brilliant trip, with lots of journaling, swimming, some clothing optional time, and relaxing watching the lake. You can’t beat that.

Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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