March 20, 2021.Climbing up the ridge

Climbing up the ridge

View to the north – partway up the ridge leading to the Siloam Spring Trail trailhead. This view gives a bit of a feel for how steep the valleys are at Piney Creek. Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Despite knowing the climb was going to be hard for this out-of-condition aging Brit, I was still surprised at how hard it was. I’m not going out hiking often enough to keep my condition up. The view was spectacular, and near the top of the ridge, I saw a hammock slung up by the trail. The occupant was on a day hike, and that was the limit of our exchange.

The trail was difficult to follow at the top of the ridge, but I knew where it was heading and so I bushwhacked in the general direction until I picked it up again. The top part of the trail runs parallel to the Farm road I needed to take to the Woods Trail, and I was tempted to not bother hiking the entire trail and just take the road to my next hike. But I didn’t feel I could claim to have hiked the trail if I didn’t get to the end. So on I went.


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