Hollow – Just a typical Ozarks hollow. But, not just a typical picture. I decided to take a stereo pair. If you can manage to get your eyes to merge the two pictures, you can see it in glorious 3D. +1

Going up – When Ginger and I hiked this trail in 2011, we had to walk along the road from Brazil Creek Campground to where the eastern loop hits the road. Not this time. Either we missed the trail I used to get here, or it’s a new addition. One-minute read

Stopped for lunch – This little creek was less than a hundred yards north of the crossing of the blacktop road that runs past the Brazil Creek Campground. I stopped here because I was not looking forward to the delay involved in diverting to the campground to fill up with water and eat lunch.

Photograph showing trail erosion on the Berryman Trail, Missouri (December 2020).

Trail Erosion – Not the worst I’ve seen, the trail erosion at Hercules Glades is much worse, but it shows what years of use can do.

Thong Tree (Trail Marker Tree)? Ginger’s opinion is that it is not old enough, and I’d have to agree. But, it is on the line of an obvious old trail that crosses the Berryman trail. One-minute read

Floyd Tower Rd. – This is the point where the Berryman Trail crosses Floyd Tower Rd. I didn’t see or hear any traffic. +1

Spring – The eastern half of the trail is considered ‘dry’ so this was a good discovery. None of the creeks had water in them, but this looks to be a reliable water source. It’s not producing gallons of water per minute, but a reasonable trickle, enough for me to be able to water-up for the next segment of my hike from here (Smith Mill Hollow) to Brazil Creek.

Watching the sunrise on the trees. Berryman Trail – Day Two, December 2020.

Photograph of Gary Allman with his morning tea in a hammock on the Berryman Trail, Missouri.

Morning Tea. Berryman Trail – Day Two, December 2020.

Camped for the night – Berryman Trail – Day One, December 2020. One-minute read

On the Berryman Trail.

Late Fall in the Ozarks. Berryman Trail – Day One. December 2020.

Photograph of Gary Allman at the 26 Mile milemarker on the Berryman Trail Missouri. December 2020.

26 miles to go – The Ozark Trail Association keep this trail well maintained. There are regular blazes and distance markers every half-mile.

Remains – I didn’t check, but I suspect this is an old decommissioned vault latrine.

The Berryman Trail (Counter Clockwise).

Arrived – Parked at the Berryman Campground/Trailhead, ready to start a leisurely four-day 27-mile hike of the Berryman Trail.

Journal: Four days on the Berryman Trail, December 2020 – Looking for a different trail to hike, I decided to re-hike the Berryman Trail, which we hiked during Spring Break 2011. Trip write-up: 15-minute read, +44

Open Wide – Attempting to resurrect my ailing PC with one of Ginger’s dental tools (she uses them for sculpting and texturing). Two-minute read

Photograph of Gary Allman at the end of his November 2020 hike of the Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness, Missouri.

Gary – Hike finished and a tad damp – For the second time, my hike of the Big Piney Trail ends with rain. But I don’t mind with two nights out on the trail, over twenty-three miles hiked, 2,116 ft of elevation under my belt, and the last of trails in the Paddy Creek Wilderness hiked, it’s been a good weekend.

Stopped for lunch

Photograph of Gary Allman drinking a cup of tea by some small falls on the Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness. November 2020.

Lunch Break on the Big Piney Trail – here I am, sheltering from the rain by some small falls, while I have a cup of tea and heat up my lunch. +1

Who Lives in a house like this? The last time I came by this refuse/swill collector, I didn’t take a picture of the occupant as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. This time around, though, I didn’t have any such concerns. +1

The light at the end of the tunnel – Paddy Creek Wilderness Day Three.

Ready to go – all packed up and ready for the five-mile hike back to the parking lot. Once again there is rain in the forecast on the final day of my hike.

Hot chocolate and enjoying the view. +1

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