Year: 2020

Ice falls – In ‘Deep Hollow.’ One-minute read, +2

A rather sluggish grasshopper.

Gurgling – it was interesting listening and watching the creek flowing under the ice. I stopped here to refill my water bottle. Hercules Glades – Day One.

Unexpected ice – there was a lot more ice on the trail than I expected. Hercules Glades – Day One. +1

Last Backpacking trip of 2020 – I’m planning on staying out three nights, finding my way to Beaver Creek to the north of the bluffs, and hiking the only trail here that I haven’t hiked yet. Hercules Glades – Day One.

Recycling – It’s been a long time. We bribed one of the kids to do it earlier in the year; at that time, there was a huge amount because it included all the packaging for Ginger’s studio remodel.

Working and bopping – Preparing some social media posts ready for Christmas. I’ve just got to get a week’s worth of evening prayers prepared and scheduled, some loose ends to tie up, and I can take a week off work.

Geek Moment – Recently my computer of nine years died, and I decided to replace it with a gaming laptop (right).

Ginger & Gary December 2020

End of trip selfie – Day Four – In total I’d hiked 27.5 miles and climbed over 2,600ft. I’m still not particularly fit, but my averages are rising.

Splashes – As anticipated, the hike out was cold and damp. So I ‘poured on the coal’ again and got moving. I wanted to get to the warmth and heated seat in the car as soon as possible.

Packing up after the rain – Everything including the hammock has been packed away leaving just the tarp which I kept up so that the occasional rain shower and drips from the trees didn’t get me and the gear wet.

Beecher Spring and site of the abandoned Edward Beecher Recreation Area – my destination for the day. One-minute read, +2

Berryman Trail sign – Anyone know what the logo at the bottom is? Ginger reckons it’s a bong. I think it means potable water. Again Google has let me down.

Poor flag etiquette – Not content with letting the flag touch the ground, it’s also in an appalling state. +1

Kudos to the Ozark Trail Association – The trail is very well maintained, and I like the new routing away from all the wet and marshy ground. The extra three miles are welcome too. I noticed that the complete Berryman Trail is now marked as a ‘spur trail’ of the Ozark Trail, which is good. If only all the Missouri trails were this well stewarded.

Crossing Floyd Tower Rd. (again). On the western loop this time.

“Blazes? We don’t need no stinking blazes.” I have no idea. They are everywhere.

Cedars – make for a nice soft trail

Gary (without Ginger) on the Berryman Trail – The caption refers to a picture I took in March 2011, about three-quarters of a mile from where this picture was taken. +1

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