Year: 2020

Icicles. 3 pictures

Snow, moss, and leaves – Seen on the Mary Hollow Trail.

Loading up with water at the end of the Devil’s Backbone Trail – Gone are the days when I carry loads of water. The Sawyer Squeeze filter is so quick and easy to use, often I only have the one-and-a-half pints that my water bottle holds, filtering water as I find it. 2 pictures

Gear change – new backpack. Zpacks Arc Haul. One-minute read

Lunch on the trail – Ramen Noodles. 3 pictures

Another empty trailhead – Here I am parked up, ready to start a three-day hike around the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness

January 2020, Three Days At Devil’s Backbone Wilderness – I visited old haunts and hiked the last of my un-trod trails in this wilderness. Trip write-up: 17-minute read. 48 pictures

That’s Another Trip Completed. 2 pictures

Stops on the way – This downed tree offered a good place to catch my breath, have a drink, and take a selfie. 4 pictures

Cat Briar Meadows – Cat briars are taking over this area, and climbing the trees as well. I suspect the only thing keeping the trail open here is the horses. 2 pictures

Time to have breakfast, then pack up and go. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Frost melting in the early morning sunshine.


One more Piney Creek Panorama for luck – I’m not sure that I’ll ever tire of this view, though maybe I do need to stop taking pictures of it. Each time I look the play of the light is different. 2 pictures

Sunrise on Day Three.

Good morning! To get up or not to get up? Now that’s a question when it is cold out.

Day Three – view from my hammock.

Contemplating – nothing of great import, and I don’t think I wrote more than half a dozen words. 2 pictures

Camped by Table Rock Lake – The astute will notice that this is not my regular camping spot by the lake. The reason is quite simple; some expletive deleted hunter decided that a good place to leave the carcass of a deer they’d dressed would be right by the fire ring of my usual camping spot. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Early morning sunshine. 2 pictures

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