July 5, 2020.My current backpacking cooking kit

My current backpacking cooking kit

Summer 2020 Backpacking cooking-kit.

My current cook kit looks like it’s a lot, but it packs down very small.

  • Toaks 850ml Ti pot.
  • Firebox Nano stainless steel wood burner, with cotton wool & Vaseline fire starters.
  • Toaks 450ml double-walled Ti cup.
  • Pot cozy.
  • Ti long-handled spoon.
  • Small washcloth.
  • 12oz fuel bottle (I should probably carry a smaller 4oz bottle in the summer).
  • Fancee Feest cat-can alcohol stove.
  • Ti windscreen for the Fancee Feest.

And as you can see, the wood burner packs away into its base, and most of the rest nests inside the the Cozy. It’s like one of those Russian dolls:

  • The Ti windscreen goes inside the Fancee Feest stove.
  • The fire starters and cloth go inside the Fancee Feest stove/Ti windscreen.
  • The Fancee Feest stove fits inside the 450 ml cup.
  • The cup sits inside the 850ml pot.
  • The pot goes in the cozy.

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