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Coffee Hour (or should that be ‘Tea break’)

Quick picture of my desk

I took this photograph of my desk with my phone this morning. I didn’t realize at the time how much history and how many special things there were in this simple picture.

I posted a copy on my personal Facebook account, and Carol made a comment about all the nice things.

That made me stop and think. The cup is from Diane & Jim — a memento of Ginger’s trip to Canada, The coaster came from Hawaii and was given to me by Tom and Rebbie, Ginger made the vase a couple of days ago and left it on my desk. Lanie planted the Redbud many years ago. As for the pictures, Lanie took the picture of Ginger and me (center), Ginger took the picture of Lanie and me (far left), and I took the picture of Ginger, Lanie and Kaśka (Katie) hiking at Busiek (far right).

Carol was right, there’s a lot to unpack in this picture! I ❤️ it.

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