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Breakfast, pack up, and go

I’d saved a packet of Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy for my Day Three breakfast, and it didn’t disappoint. Normally I scoff at the Mountain House claim that their packet meals are two servings, but this one was so filling I struggled to eat it all.

I also had a cup of hot chocolate to warm me up while my breakfast re-hydrated. I had to keep the tarp up because all the ice in the trees was melting and dripping on me.

Once breakfast over it was time to pack up and head back to the trailhead.

On Day Two I had experimented with not putting my quilts in their stuff sacks. That doesn’t work with this backpack. It made the pack feel uncomfortable. So today I stuffed the quilts back in their sacks first and I was much more comfortable.

My final adjustments were to move the load-lifting straps in towards the center of my back, Swap my water bottle from my rear left side to my right, and bring it further forward. I clipped the Sig onto the hip belt (prior to this it had been living in the front pack), and finally I moved my camera from the right hip belt onto the left front pack strap. All these minor changes made a huge difference in accessibility and comfort. Testing out and working out how to pack and make the best use of my new backpack was another of the aims of my trip. Mission accomplished.

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