Jul 04, 2020Afternoon swim

Afternoon swim

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Two or three steps back from where I am standing in the last picture above and it’s six to eight feet deep. And I should add a thank you to physics — okay optics and refraction — for the no visible genitalia win 🙂 The drop-off is very sharp (as I found out), and was why I couldn’t get any decent pictures from the water. Here’s the best I could do.

Signs of much higher water levels – it looks like it was another 5 feet or so higher at one point. Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Two. Copyright © 2020 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Notice how much higher the lake has been. It dropped six inches or more a day from what I was observing. Checking the records, the lake was at full flood capacity on May 31 (931ft), and around 5 feet deeper than it is here (926 ft). The normal level of the lake is 915ft, so it’s up 11 feet at this point.

Useless facts.

Copyright © 2020 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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