February 24, 2019.There ought to be a coyote in this picture …

There ought to be a coyote in this picture …

Camped well off the Mary Hollow Trail – The skyline marks the edge of the wilderness at this point.

… but I can’t find it.

I was sitting here drinking a nice hot cup of chocolate when some movement in the ravine opposite caught my eye.

I watched a coyote come down the ravine and then proceed to exit stage right along the hollow. With the wind from the north (coming up the hollow from the left), it didn’t catch my scent and had no idea I was there watching it.

By the time I picked up my camera it was almost out of view. I’ve studied the frame for a sign of it, but it must have been holed up behind a tree collecting a stash of Acme TNT when I took the picture. Coyotes are like that. Well, that’s what a little birdie told me.   

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