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Doors made and fitted. This was the key element of my idea. It’ll keep the worst of the dust out of the storage area. Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.
Reminder: This is what it looked like three weeks ago. Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Phew! I’m getting there. Notice how there’s a ceiling in the entryway, as well as doors? — the entryway ceiling was there on August 9, but I forgot to mention it — The doors took a lot longer to make than I expected. A lot of time is wasted moving stuff around and setting up the saw cuts. A single car garage is a bit small for working with 4′ x 8′ sheets. Especially when you are trying to be careful to not damage the finish. Unusually for me, I am relying on glue alone (Loctite Ultimate Power Grab) to hold the front and back skins of the doors to the internal frames I made. I suspect that the two doors exceed the manufacturer’s 50lb door weight limit on the door track, but I’ve beefed up the track with some extra screws.

There is still lots to do, like fitting doors to the top shelf to keep the dust out of there too, then there’s plumbing in the compressor and shop vac so that I can access them at the workbench, some more drawers to make, and I’m planning on fitting an AC unit out here as it gets hot, and making a tool cart to fit in the remaining space in the storage area.

Most of that will keep for the moment. More important is putting up a rack to go up near the ceiling to the left of the kayaks to hold long pieces of lumber up out of the way. If I do that and get rid of the rest of the detritus from removing the old workbench and then maybe the minivan will be allowed back in the garage.    

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Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.